Mission Statement:

Through the generosity of a variety of donors, we provide grants and scholarships while developing sustainable partnerships to encourage positive change for generations to come.

RCCF Vision:

To enrich and improve the quality of life in our community.

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About Roscommon County Community Foundation

Roscommon County Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing and improving the quality of life in our community, for all citizens present and future.

Working with local individuals, groups and organizations, RCCF is committed to:

  • Supporting its communities through the creation of permanent endowment funds
  • Protecting, investing & administering donations made in support of our communities
  • Demonstratiing concern for the youth of our communities and the many issues affecting their future
  • Recognizing the value and importance of our natural environment
  • Improving and building the future for our families and our children’s families

Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Ron Duquette – Chairman
  • Mr. Tim Scherer – Vice Chairman
  • Mr. John Sinnaeve – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Susan Tyer – Secretary
  • Mrs. Mary Fry – President/CEO
  • Mrs. Suzanne Luck – Executive Director


  • Mr. Ron Duquette (Houghton Lake)
  • Mr. Dave Harned (Houghton Lake)
  • Mrs. Sonia Lake (Roscommon)
  • Mrs Kathleen Lawrence (Higgins Lake)
  • Mr. Tom Moreau (Roscommon)
  • Mr. Greg Rogers (Houghton Lake)
  • Mr. Tim Scherer (Roscommon)
  • Mr. John Sinnaeve (Roscommon)
  • Mrs. Susan Tyer (Houghton Lake)
  • Mr. Matt Jernigan (Saint Helen)

Emeritus Board Member:

  • John Wade


  • Mrs. Mary Fry – President / CEO
  • Mr. Tom Richardson – CFO
  • Mrs. Suzanne Luck – Executive director and Youth A dvisory Council Coordinator