At RCCF, we make grants to Roscommon County’s effective not-for-profits as an investment in our community and the men, women and children who live here. We’re also dedicated to helping Roscommon County students enroll in college and succeed once they get there, offering multiple scholarships to help them do just that.

Grants are only available to governmental agencies or those with a 501 (c)(3) designation. Grants are not available for individuals, for profit businesses, or nonprofits without a 501 (c)(3).

We have two sources of grants — the main RCCF funds and the YAC funds. Within each grant fund source, you may apply for a “common grant”, for a maximum of $2,500. YAC grants must be related to or to benefit youth or children of Roscommon County. RCCF common grants  must be related to or benefit the residents of Roscommon County.

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Grant Guidelines

The Roscommon County Community Foundation is a public charity organized as a collection of permanent endowments.

The income from these endowed funds is awarded through a grant application process to provide charitable funding to non-profits classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) organizations and other eligible entities that benefit residents of Roscommon County, MI. Grants are made in the areas of education, environment, health care, human services, humanities and public benefit.

The Roscommon County Community Foundation values projects that promote inclusiveness and that do not discriminate in hiring of staff or providing services on the basis of race, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability.

The Community Foundation Will Give Priority To Projects That:

  • Reach a broad segment of the community
  • Encourage matching gifts or additional funding
  • Foster organizational capacity building and sustainability
  • Assist those citizens whose needs are not being met by existing services
  • Meet emerging needs, are innovative and have a high probability of leading to new solutions to community challenges
  • Are collaborative, comprehensive, promote cooperation among organizations within the region, and have the potential for ongoing community impact

What The Foundation Generally Will Not Fund.

While the Foundation remains flexible in trying to meet community needs, the following are areas which will NOT be considered for funding through the application process at this time:

  • Sectarian or religious programs
  • Individuals
  • International Organizations
  • Endowment funds
  • Administrative costs of fund-raising campaigns
  • Annual meetings
  • Routine operating expenses
  • Salaries
  • Existing obligations, debts or liabilities


How to Apply

Applications for grants are accepted until the deadline, and are reviewed based on fund criteria. Each grantee must give a five minute presentation before the appropriate committee and there will be a five minute period for the Committee to ask questions. Grantees will be notified by either phone or e-mail as to when their presentation will be. If a presentation is not made, the grant will not be considered during the current grant cycle.

A letter will be sent to each grantee after the Board of Trustees has voted on the recommendations.

Grant Application Deadline:

Grant applications must be in the RCCF office by the end of the business day on the last day of the application period. This is usually April 30 or October 1, however, if these dates fall on a weekend, the due date will be by the end of business on the preceding Friday.

Grants are usually awarded one to two months after the closing of the submission period. Grant applicants will be expected to make a presentation to the grant readers. Those who are not available to make a presentation, or are unable to send a representative, will not be awarded grants.

Please review the grant guidelines to see if you qualify to be considered for a grant.

If you would like to discuss a grant idea, verify qualification of your proposal or organization, or have any questions at all, please call Suzanne Luck, Executive Director at (989) 275-3112.


Information for the Common Grant

Before you develop a proposal, please consider the following information:

Please be advised, the RCCF, after careful study, must select a limited number of projects for support from many applications because of limited resources.

Before submitting your Grant Application, please consider the following information:

About Your Organization

  • Your organization must provide benefits to residents and/or others with close ties to Roscommon County.
  • Your organization must be recognized as a non-profit charitable organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Schools and government agencies are also eligible.  Grants to religious organizations will be considered only if they serve the general public and do not have religious overtones of a sectarian nature.
  • Proof of non-profit status is required at the time of the Grant Application for auditing purposes.
  • No grants are made to individuals, except for scholarship awards from Scholarship/Educational Funds.

About Your Project

  • Grants are for future projects only. No funding will be given for projects completed or in process, before final RCCF Board approval. Board approval usually occurs about two months after the grant application deadline.
  • Grants are not made for routine operating needs or budget deficits.
  • Proposals seeking seed money for projects that are new, dynamic, and that show funding support from additional organizations, may be given consideration.
  • RCCF generally discourages repeated applications for sustained funding of programs.

About Funds Available

  • Applicants may submit requests up to a maximum of $2,500 per project per application cycle.
  • RCCF Grants are “Receipt Based Grants”, and for accounting purposes, allocated funds will be disbursed upon receipt of proof of the expenditures.

About Deadlines

  • Grant applications are reviewed two times each year.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted to the RCCF office by the last regular workday of April or October to be considered for award, postmarked applications will not be accepted.
  • Grants are paid within one year of approval.  If necessary, project expenditures may be extended into the next year; however, this extension must be requested in writing to RCCF 60 days prior to the original deadline.

About Grant Decisions

  • All grant applications are reviewed by a Grant-Screening Committee. These committees can be comprised of RCCF Trustees, Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Members, community members, and/or Fund representatives. Each committee will have at least one RCCF representative present. RCCF staff members do not vote on decisions regarding fund allocations.
  • RCCF looks more favorably at projects which affect a broad segment of citizens who are not now being served adequately in Roscommon County.
  • A request to consider a portion of support for a project, rather than one which looks to the Foundation as a sole funding source, will generally receive greater priority. RCCF is especially interested in matching grants which will attract funding from other sources.

Completing And Submitting Your Grant Application

  • Neatness counts!  Please type or print neatly in blue or black ink.
  • Follow the Grant Application format in preparing your proposal. The order of information should be as follows: Grant Application Cover Sheet, Narrative, Budget and Budget Narrative, and Attachments.



1. Executive Summary

  • Provide a half-page executive summary which briefly explains why your agency is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is approved.

2.  Purpose of Grant

  • Describe the needs/problems to be addressed, the target population, and who will benefit.
  • Describe the project goals and measurable project objectives. State whether this is a new or ongoing part of the sponsoring organization.
  • State your plans to accomplish these goals and objectives, and the timetable for implementation of your project.
  • Are there other organizations involved in this project? What are their roles and financial commitments?  The screening committee encourages projects that demonstrate collaborative efforts between multiple organizations.
  • What makes your project different from other projects that may be involved in similar efforts?
  • Do you have long-term strategies for funding after the end of the grant period?

3.  Evaluation

  • Describe your evaluation plan and process. Specify how you will measure success.

4.  Organization Information

  • Provide a brief summary of your organization’s history, mission and goals, current programs, activities, and accomplishments.


  • Use the Grant Budget Form attached to this application. (A sample budget is provided.)
  • On a separate sheet, show how each budget item relates to the project and how the budgeted amount was calculated.
  • List amounts requested of other foundations, corporations, and other funding sources.
  • Indicate priority items in the proposed grant budget in the event that RCCF is unable to meet your full request.

D.  ATTACHMENTS (Please note that there are changes in this section- as of the April 2008 Cycle.)

  • Provide a copy of the current IRS determination letter indicating 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt statuses or indicate if applicant is a school district or government agency.
  • Provide a copy of your most recent IRS 990 Tax Form, Audit or Financial Status Report.
  • List your current Board of Directors
  • Submit the original application and seven copies by the deadline date.
  • NOTE: The IRS determination letter, a list of the Board of Directors and current Financial Status information must be submitted with each proposal. (If necessary, additional documentation may be requested.)
  • Do not include materials unless specifically requested in the attachments.  Report covers, folders, binders, and excess information are not necessary and are usually removed before the application is sent to the Grant Screening Committee.
  • Proof of your charitable non-profit status, a copy of your 501 (c)(3), and a copy of your most recent IRS Form 990 are required as a part of your Grant Application.  Schools, government and church agencies are also eligible, however, they are not required to provide non-profit status or a copy of their most recent IRS Form 990.
  • Be sure to secure the appropriate signatures from your organization (i.e., Executive Director, President, Principal, Superintendent, etc.) before your application is submitted.
  • Submit the original Grant Application and 7 copies to the RCCF office by the deadline.
  • Prepare to have a member of your organization make a brief (5 minute) presentation about your project and answer a few questions before the Grant Screening Committee.  You will be notified of the date, time and location of the meeting following submission of your application. Grant presentations are a requirement, if your organization does not make a presentation, your application will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications that are illegible, late, unsigned or lacking 7 copies will be considered incomplete and will not be presented for consideration to the Grant Screening Committees.
  • Submit paper grant applications to:
    Roscommon County Community Foundation
    701 Lake Street
    P.O. Box 824
    Roscommon, MI  48653

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Roscommon County Community Foundation prohibits discrimination against current or prospective board members, employees and volunteers on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristics.  The Roscommon County Community Foundation commits to the principle of equal opportunity, especially in all aspects of employee relations, including employment, salary administration, employee development, promotions and transfers.

The Foundation’s grant making policies reflect the belief that organizational performance is greatly enhanced when people with different backgrounds and perspectives are engaged in an organization’s activities and decision-making process.  Thus, the Foundation actively seeks to promote access, equity and inclusiveness, and to discourage discrimination based on race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and other factors that deny the essential humanity of all people.  This principle is a lens through which all the work of the Foundation is viewed.

The Foundation reserves the right to decline proposals from organizations the board and staff of which do not reflect the diversity of the community in which they work.

Request for Payment Form

The Request Payment Form must accompany all requests for grant payment.

Grant Distribution will only be awarded up to the amount of the grant allocation and only with applicable receipts with a copy of your method of payment.

Please mail or deliver to:
Roscommon County Community Foundation
701 Lake Street
PO Box 824
Roscommon, MI  48653
Or email to

If you have any questions, please call the Foundation office at (989) 275-3112.