2012 scholarship recipients announced

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) was pleased to present awards from 15 of their scholarship Funds to the 2012 Roscommon High School graduates. These scholarships, totaling $21,365, were presented to the senior students at the Awards Night Ceremony at the Roscommon High School on Monday evening, May 7th. Congratulations and good luck to all of the 2012 graduates.

Listed below are the RCCF Scholarships awarded and their recipients:

Roscommon Rotary Club Scholarship (5) Trace Hill $300.00
Dallas James $300.00
Janene Nesbitt $300.00
Claire O’Brien $300.00
Shannon Scott $300.00
Gerrish -Higgins Roscommon Alumni Association Scholarship Haley Rohde $900.00
Ford & Marguerite Silsby Scholarship Haley Rohde $225.00
Fidelity Chapter #50, Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship Janene Nesbitt $300.00
Beverly Nester Memorial Scholarship Janene Nesbitt $350.00
Robert A. Hess Memorial Scholarship Emilie Gaberdiel $200.00
Steuernol & McLaren Memorial Scholarship Paul Mercer $240.00
Karen & Frank Arleth Memorial Scholarship Jordyn Perialas $325.00
Ralph Ostling Memorial Scholarship (3) Claire O’Brien $250.00
Marlee Schilbe $250.00
Shannon Scott $250.00
Evelyn Fraser Scholarship Shannon Scott $200.00
Michael R. Treml Memorial Athletic Scholarship Matthew Morley $500.00
Kelly Dunmire Memorial Scholarship Tamara James $500.00
Grace Bernardo, M.D. Memorial Health Careers Scholarship Haley Rohde $275.00
Ruth & Ralph Fisher Scholarship Jordyn Perialas $100.00
Roscommon Soccer Teams Scholarship (8) Clancy Carter $1,000.00
Samantha Denlinger $1,500.00
Sawyer Harris $2,000.00
Trace Hill $2,000.00
Tamara James $2,500.00
Collin Lake $2,000.00
Shannon Scott $2,000.00
Brian Westphal $2,000.00