Artesia Youth Park Receives Grant from RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) recently awarded a $1,480.00 grant to Artesia Youth Park. The Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund ($980.00) and the Roscommon County Tobacco Settlement Fund ($500.00) awarded the funds.

With the funds granted, Artesia Youth Park was able to complete upgrades to the floors and windows in the building. Flooring repairs were required as there were several holes and cracks in the floors making it unsafe during skating and other sports performed at the facility. It will now be much safer according to President JoJean Thompson. They also purchased safety equipment and games for their new mentoring program. Their mentoring program consists of teaching life skills, good sportsmanship, communication skills, and brain buster activities.

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A few members of RCCF’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) were able to visit the center and take a tour to see where the funding they provided was used. Pictured L to R: Artesia Youth Park President JoJean Thompson, YAC Student Jessica Disney, YAC Advisor Theresa McMunigal and RCCF Executive Director Suzanne Luck.