County of Roscommon Receives Grant from RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) recently awarded a $2,500.00 grant to the County of Roscommon. Funding for this project came from the Roscommon County General Fund ($2,423.00) and the Morley Foundation Fund ($77.00).

The funding assisted with the purchase of Corrections Ballistic Vests for the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department. The dual purpose ballistic/stab vests will be worn while transporting inmates and mental health patients. The vests will also be worn for stab protection while corrections officers are working within the county jail. With these vests the officers will be better protected while transporting inmates and working at the jail.

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Pictured L to R: 1st photo- RCCF Executive Director Suzanne Luck and Roscommon County Jail Administrator Lt. Laurie Beck. 2nd photo RCCF Executive Director Suzanne Luck, Sheriff Ed Stern and Corrections Deputy Gage Richards.