DHHS Receives Grant from RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation recently awarded a $1,500.00 grant to Roscommon County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Funding for this project was provided by the Roscommon County General Fund ($685.00), the Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund ($500.00) and the Morley Family Foundation Fund ($315.00).

Funding supported the Pathways to Potential Program which targets five areas including attendance, education, health, safety and self-sufficiency. The Roscommon County DHHS Pathways to Potential Program includes Roscommon Elementary, Collins Elementary and Charlton Heston Academy. According to Jamie Mead, Pathways schools were charged with the responsibility to reduce chronic absences by 10%. Funding from the Community Foundation was used to purchase incentives for students who achieved perfect attendance monthly, assist those making positive changes to their attendance and to assist with barrier reduction efforts.

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