Donors Challenge RCCF This Holiday Season

The Roscommon County Community Foundation has recently been challenged by a group of donors this holiday season who have pledged to match gifts up to $12,500.00 starting mid-November. They are inviting the entire community to take part in this generous opportunity.

Generosity is all about sharing the ownership and responsibility of the cause where we are all called to make a difference. You do not need to be wealthy to make a donation to the Community Foundation. In fact, being generous goes way beyond where and how we allot our resources.

“I often think back to the time when two little girls set up a lemonade stand to help fundraise for the local library’s building campaign and proudly came to the Community Foundation with the $30.14 that they had earned”, said RCCF Executive Director, Suzanne Luck.

Small gifts, when multiplied by dozens of people, add up to make a huge impact.

The foundation staff is available to help you responsibly steward your resources. To learn more, stop by the office at 701 Lake Street, call 989.275.3112 or send an email to

Can you imagine the difference this will make right here at home?