Gerrish-Higgins/Roscommon Alumni Association Scholarship

Pg10_Roscommon Bucks LogoThe Gerrish-Higgins/Roscommon Alumni Association was established in 1996, under the leadership of Ms. Barb Stauffer. A 16 member Committee oversees the activities of the Alumni Association. Current membership is approximately 1,500 alumni, with nearly 3,200 previous graduates of Roscommon High School in the alumni database, and almost 6,500 graduates identified as potential members.

The Gerrish-Higgins/Roscommon Alumni Association Scholarship is used to provide scholarship assistance to one or more graduating Roscommon High School seniors who will attend accredited colleges, universities, trade or vocational schools. Strong consideration is given to qualified students who are related to a Gerrish-Higgins/Roscommon Alumni, and who will be attending Kirtland Community College.