HLMS Receives Grant from RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the Houghton Lake Middle School (HLMS) has been awarded a $580.82 grant for Mrs. Koupal’s 4th grade class. This project was supported by the Houghton Lake Community School District Support Fund.

This grant provided Mrs. Koupal’s classroom with 30 sets of noise isolating headphones, 5 portable CD players and 1 large classroom CD player. The 4th grade class has over 50 books on tape that they are able to use throughout the year. According to Mrs. Koupal, this technology could last for ten years which would help around 250 students. Her goal every year is to take kids that don’t like to read or think they are not good at reading and change their minds. Having books on tape are a great way to help achieve this goal.

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Pictured: Mrs. Koupal’s 4th grade class along with RCCF Board Vice Chair Susan Tyer