Houghton Lake Area Historical Society Receives Grant from RCCF for Archive Protection Project

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) recently provided a $500.00 grant to the Houghton Lake Area Historical Society to assist with expenses associated with their Archive Protection Project. Grant funding was provided by the Roscommon County General Fund.

“We have been blessed to have come into possession of documents, pictures, books, diaries, and other historical items,” says Agnes Feldman of the HLAHS. In the past, these items have been stored in various places around the Historical Village and Playhouse. In order to better care for these items, the Historical Society has renovated an area that will be better equipped to preserve them. The area being used was once the male dressing room in the Playhouse, and was used for plays in the 1960’s. Grant funding helped to purchase new flooring and wall coverings, remove old, unusable plumbing, and updated some electrical and lighting. The updating of this room will provide an environment to help preserve the documents for future generations. “It is always a pleasure to provide funding to organizations that preserve our area’s rich history,” Suzanne Luck, Executive Director of RCCF, states.


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