The Linda Chwan & Ken DePerro Memorial Fund

Ken DePerro Picture Linda Chwan Picture
This Memorial Fund was established by the Chwan and Prahl families to celebrate the lives of Linda Chwan and Ken DePerro.

Linda’s zest for life enriched the lives of everyone she touched. Known for having a true and genuine interest and concern for others, Linda‘s kindness will always be remembered by her family and friends. Linda left a legacy of love, and was a beautiful example of how to live life.

Ken was a kind person with a love for his family and sports; he was always looking to make a difference in other people’s lives. A beloved coach at Lahser High School he was well respected by all who knew him. Ken’s second chance at life after his transplant served as inspiration to many.

The Linda Chwan & Ken DePerro Memorial Fund supports various charitable, educational, scientific, recreational or cultural purposes and organizations in Roscommon County.