Many Local Groups Benefit From A Variety of RCCF Funds

Did you ever wonder what types of things your donations help with in Roscommon County?  During the past year, E.G. Ministries received a grant to help fund the Weekend Blessings Program located at the Houghton Lake Community School District and Our Lady of the Lake Parochial School.  Each Friday, students who are on the Federal free lunch program receive a backpack filled with enough nutritious food to last through the weekend. On Monday, the student returns the backpack and it will be refilled to pick up on the following Friday.  The grant for $1200.00 was awarded from The Wade Family General Fund ($450.00), the Marilyn Brown Memorial Fund ($450.00) and the Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund ($300.00).

The Roscommon County Sheriff Department has a new Evidence Collection Camera with help from a grant from the Roscommon County General Fund, an Endowment Fund of the Roscommon County Community Foundation. With the new digital camera, photos can be immediately reviewed, settings changed and new photos taken, all while at the scene of an accident. A higher resolution camera is required to produce the detail needed to later make comparisons and potential positive matches of physical evidence such as fingerprints or footwear impressions. A special tripod is included to allow exact placement of the camera to obtain the clearest and closest photos possible to retain a record of evidence.

The AuSable Free Clinic was able to help five uninsured Roscommon County Residents with their eye exams and new glasses with the help of a $405.00 grant from the Roscommon County Community Foundation Tobacco Settlement Fund.  

The Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund provided a grant to the Houghton Lake Wesleyan Church to assist with the purchase of diapers for the church’s Baby Pantry.  Last year, more than 200 babies beneifited from this project with the distribution of over 2400 diapers. 

The Roscommon County Community Foundation recently provided a grant from the Wade Family General Fund in the amount of $300.00 to R.O.O.C., Inc.   The grant was awarded to assist with the planning, building and planting of raised gardens, which can be accessed by persons with disabilities.  This will give the participants an opportunity to explore activities which they have never tried, to learn to be effective self-advocates, and to pursue the same choices and options that people without disabilities have.

The young students in the Child Learning Center at Kirtland Community College have found new excitement with the addition of some much needed playground equipment.  A grant provided by the Roscommon County Community Foundation’s – Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund, which is administered by the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), was used to purchase this equipment. Included in the equipment were a pop up soccer goal, soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, a set of flying discs and a set of hula hoops.The outdoor equipment is designed to help develop the children’s gross motor skills in areas like strength, endurance, balance, and coordination in addition to providing engaging activities to encourage students to exercise daily and learn about healthy lifestyle choices.   T

As you can see, the variety of funds at the Roscommon County Community Foundation allow for many different non-profit groups, schools, churches and governmental agencies to get the help they need to “fill in the gaps” on their projects.  Please take a moment to look over our list of funds to see which fund most fits with your own giving preference.  The end of 2012 is coming quickly so now is the time to get your donations in if you want them to count for your 2012 Federal taxes.  Please consult your tax adviser to see how your gift to the Roscommon County  Community Foundation can help with your taxes, as well as helping the good people of Roscommon County.