Project H.O.P.E. (Help Our People Eat)

For a parent, is there any feeling more frightening than knowing there is not enough food to feed the children?  As an elderly person whose pension has not kept up with rising medical costs and fuel costs, how do you decide which to buy this month, food to stay alive, fuel to heat the house to stay alive, or medicines to keep you alive?  These are all issues that residents of Roscommon County face, and Project H.O.P.E. is there to help them.  Project H.O.P.E. is the food bank that serves all of Roscommon County by supplementing people’s food stamps or food purchases with a monthly bag of groceries.  It may not seem like much to those in good circumstances, but it can be the difference between making and not making it, to the needy in our county.

The Roscommon Community Foundation (RCCF) has stood behind us, helping us to feed the hungry.  RCCF awarded a grant from the Roscommon County General Fund, to help us keep food on our shelves.   The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) has been special friends to Project H.O.P.E., both financially and in person.  When WalMart scheduled a “Stuff the Bus” on the weekend that Project H.O.P.E. had a mass food giveaway scheduled, the Youth were there to carry food donations onto the bus, and then, at the end of the weekend, to help unload the bus.  Since the youngest volunteers at Project H.O.P.E. are in their 60’s and often arthritic, the strength and enthusiasm of those young people made a difficult task possible.

This spring, the YAC will sponsor a mass food giveaway with a grant from the Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund.   They did not just give the grant to pay for the food, but offered to contribute their strength and enthusiasm to unload the truck and carry boxes to cars for those who are having difficulty walking or lifting.  RCCF does not feed the hungry of Roscommon County directly, but they allow the volunteers at Project H.O.P.E. to do so.