RCCF announces Clyde F. Shaltz Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clyde F. Shaltz

Another amazing gift has been given to the Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF)!  RCCF is happy to announce that a new Scholarship Fund has been established, the Clyde F. Shaltz Memorial Scholarship Fund.

This Fund is intended to provide scholarships to Roscommon area high school graduates in their second (Sophomore), third (Junior), and fourth (Senior) year of college; and have been accepted into a teacher education program leading to elementary or secondary teacher certification in Michigan. Special consideration will also be given to Roscommon Area Public School graduates, students attending Northern Michigan University, and students which demonstrate the greatest financial need.

Inspired?  If you would like to support the Clyde F. Shaltz Memorial Scholarship Fund, you may mail a check to RCCF at P.O. Box 824, Roscommon, MI  48653 or donate online.

If you have any questions about this or any other Funds administered by the Roscommon County Community Foundation, please contact Suzanne E. Luck, Executive Director at 989-275-3112.