RCCF Awards Grant Funding for RAPS Library Books

The Roscommon County Community Foundation is happy to announce that the Roscommon Area Public Schools has received a $2,500.00 grant to assist with the RHS Library New Books Project. Funding for this project was provided by the Sarah Eulaine Tucker Fund and the Gerrish-Higgins Educational Fund.

The purpose of this grant is to update the Roscommon High School Library books to increase literacy and an interest in reading. The entire high school community, staff and students, will benefit through access to the newest books and the enjoyment of a good book. At large, it will benefit through improved literacy as students move beyond high school and into the community as adults.

Want to get involved? You can support the Sarah Eulaine Tucker Fund and Gerrish-Higgins Educational Fund by sending your donation to RCCF at P.O. Box 824 Roscommon, MI 48653 or by visiting our website www.myrccf.org to make a donation online.

Pictured: Laurie Koehn, RHS Media Tech