RCCF Awards Grant to County of Roscommon for Ballistic & Stab Vests

The County of Roscommon has received a $2,500 grant from the Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) through the Roscommon County General Fund. This grant is for the use of dual-purpose ballistic & stab vests for corrections officers in Roscommon County.

Police officers at the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office are required to wear ballistic vests; however, there weren’t enough vests available to be used by corrections officers who transport inmates and mental health patients. These officers are in the same danger as police officers, and this grant makes it possible for more correctional officers to wear them.

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Front row L to R: Corrections Deputy Shannon Shagena, Corrections Deptuy Amanda Turner
Back row L to R: Corrections Deputy Gage Richards, Corrections Sergeant Nate Spencer, Sheriff Ed Stern, RCCF Board Secretary Anita Sheppard, RCCF Trustee Sara Morley LaCroix, Undersheriff Ben Lowe, Corrections Corporal Dylan Palacios