RCCF Provides Funding to Friends of Trestle Park

The Roscommon County Community Foundation recently award a $2,500.00 grant to the Friends of Trestle Park. The Wade Family Donor Advised Fund ($1,000.00) and the Morley Foundation Fund ($1,500.00) awarded the funds to support this grant.

This grant supported the seventh season of free concerts series at Denton Township’s Trestle Park helping them pay performers, purchase supplies and promotional materials. They were able to put on a full summer of musical events which included concerts the third Thursday of the month, open mic concerts the second Saturday of the month and a very successful bonus concert. According to Mary Michela, The Friends of Trestle Park intend to bring music and family friendly events to the Houghton Lake/Roscommon County Area through their summer concert series.

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