RCCF Recognizes Board Members for their Service

The Roscommon County Community Foundation Board of Trustees recognized two departing board members for their contributions. In 2011, Susan Tyer and Kathleen Lawrence joined the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and have served a total of 9 years. Both reached the term limit of 9 years this past June.

These two women have been such an asset to the Foundation in more ways than one. Tyer has served in several leadership roles, including Secretary, Vice Chair, and Chair. Lawrence has served as Chair of the Marketing Committee and a member of the Finance Committee.

Since Tyer and Lawrence were both very involved within the Community Foundation, they took a moment to reflect on their time as a board member and what they will miss the most.

“The Roscommon County Community Foundation has enjoyed strong growth over the past nine years making it possible to put more money back into the community.” Said Lawrence. “I will miss the process of granting money to grant recipients. The foundation strives to grant funds to recipients that will make the most difference in Roscommon County for its diverse residents.”

“I am honored to have been part of a board that continually strives to give so much back to the community.” Said Tyer. “I will miss the people the most, including the other board members and the people that I have met through various presentations, scholarships, schools, and community groups.”

“We cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they have put into elevating the Foundation’s work.” said Executive Director Suzanne Luck. “They will truly be missed by the Foundation board and staff”

If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation or serving on the Board of Trustees, contact Suzanne Luck at 989-275-3112 or info@myrccf.org

Pictured on the right: Suzanne Luck, Executive Director and Susan Tyer, Former Board Trustee
Pictured on the left: Kathleen Lawrence, Former Board Trustee