Robert J. Kunik Memorial Scholarship

Robert J. Kunik
Robert J. Kunik

Rob was born in Shepherd, MI, where he attended Shepherd Schools and played sports, until he moved to Houghton Lake in the 7th grade.

Rob earned a Broadcasting Certificate from Brown Institute in Minneapolis, MN, a BS in Education from CMU in Mt. Pleasant, and an MA from Nova Southeastern University, Florida. He began teaching in Houghton Lake in 1998 and he also served as the English Department Chair. Robert taught at the HLCS District for many years and was proud to be a “Bobcat”.

Rob was passionate about teaching and devoted to his students. Rob’s sister stated: “We lost Robert to leukemia, and we think this is the best way to remember and honor a man who devoted so much of his life teaching, helping, supporting, coaching, encouraging, and pushing students to work harder and to challenge themselves to always try one more time. His face lit up with immense satisfaction when students finally “got it” and he never wanted anyone to be left behind.”

The Robert J. Kunik Memorial Scholarship is used to provide a freshman year scholarship to a graduating student from Houghton Lake High School who has shown an interest in pursuing an education in the Arts, including English, Communication, Literature, Music, Writing / Creative Writing and Theater / Drama.