Roscommon Area District Library receives grant for Lost Cuzzins Concert

The Roscommon Area District Library recently hosted a concert featuring the Lost Cuzzins, with the help of a grant from the Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF). The Wade Family Donor Advised Fund provided $300.00 in grant funding.

RADL hosted the concert on July 16th. The Lost Cuzzins, a 4 member group who feature “Harmonies & Humor,” entertained 83 guests at the library. The group incorporates different genres, such as folk, classic rock, country and newgrass into their set list, making the concert fun for all ages.

Guests enjoying the concert at RADL.
Guests enjoying the concert at RADL.

According to Lisa Sutton, Library Director, “The event showcased the library and services available that patrons may not have been aware of. This was also an opportunity to demonstrate all that RCCF, and groups such as the Friends of the Library do to enrich our community.”

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