Roscommon Area Public Schools Receive Grant from RCCF for Roscommon Choirs’ Choir Code Celebration

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) recently provided a $2,500.00 grant to Roscommon Area Public Schools to assist with the expenses associated with the Roscommon Choirs’ Choir Code Celebration.  Grant funding was provided by the Gerrish Higgins Educational Fund.

Over one hundred members of the Roscommon Choirs attended the Choir Code Celebration, a twelve hour day dedicated to learning and developing their Choir Code and The Pyramid of Success, which has been implemented by choir director, Emerick Dee.

Front: Mr. Ken Medema, Back: Roscommon Choirs
Front: Mr. Ken Medema, Back: Roscommon Choirs

The Choir Code Celebration included a very special guest, Ken Medema. Ken Medema is a blind pianist, singer, and songwriter. Throughout the day, students were able to interact with and learn from Mr. Medema.

Mr. Dee states that “The Choir Code Celebration was a HUGE success!” and that he is “extremely grateful for the generosity of RCCF and the donors who have made this all possible.”

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