Roscommon County Community Foundation Announces 2012 Fall Grant Schedule

RCCF Grant applications are available for all schools, government agencies, non-profit groups with a 501 (C)(3) designation and churches (for secular requests only) within Roscommon County. The application deadline for the Fall cycle is October 30th. Applications, with all required documentation and all copies, are due in the RCCF office by 12:00 noon on Tuesday October 30th.

Applications can be downloaded, in PDF form from the RCCF website. Applications may be requested by calling (989) 275-3112 or sending an e-mail to

RCCF offers three different Grant Applications; our Common Grant Application, our Mini Grant Application and our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Grant Application. The Common Grant is for general projects and programs and can be awarded for up to $2,500.00; the YAC Grant which is applicable to youth programs and projects up to $2,500.00, and the Mini Grant which is available for general projects and programs requiring less than $300.00.

Please read the grant instructions carefully to make sure that all necessary attachments and copies are included with your application. Application packets can be mailed to: RCCF, 701 Lake Street, PO Box 824, Roscommon, MI 48653. Or you can deliver your Application packet to the RCCF office, located in the Chase Bank Building in Roscommon.

If you have questions and/or concerns and would like assistance, please contact Mary Fry, President / CEO, at (989) 275-3112.