Roscommon County Community Foundation’s (RCCF) Mrs. Mary T. Fry, President/CEO Announces Departure

Mrs. Mary T. Fry, President/CEO of Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) recently announced that she will be retiring from the RCCF in order to take on new challenges in her career. Fry has served as the “Front Woman” for the RCCF for nearly 12 years, growing the assets of the Community Foundation from $1 million to nearly $7 million by the end of 2013.

Suzanne Luck and Mary T. Fry President/CEO
Suzanne Luck and Mary T. Fry President/CEO

As a final gesture to the community that she has grown to love, Fry has initiated a new Endowment Fund; “The Greatest Human Needs Fund”. The purpose of the Fund is to support organizations that provide nutrition for our communities, assistance to our elderly, support young families, provide shelter and housing assistance and support for our Veterans. Roscommon County has many organizations that address the issue of basic human needs in our community, yet there are not enough funds to support the ever growing demand. Fry comments that over the last 12 years, “I have seen firsthand the enormous need in our county and I would truly appreciate your consideration in supporting this, or any of the many other Funds administered by RCCF.”

RCCF has been in transition for the past eight months, with a succession plan approved by the Board and put into action late last year. At this time RCCF would like to introduce Mrs. Suzanne Luck as your new Executive Director. Luck will officially take the helm on March 1st, 2014, at which time Fry will be leaving the Foundation in search of her next great adventure. While having mixed emotions about leaving RCCF, Fry is very confident in Luck and her ability to “continue the great work we have started”.

Reflecting on her tenure, Fry has made many lifelong friendships while building the RCCF. “It has been my great pleasure to serve as your representative, maintaining your charitable intent while awarding grants and scholarships for the past twelve years.” says Fry. “Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve RCCF, you and our community.”

If you would like to support our community by contributing to “The Greatest Human Needs Fund” or any other RCCF Fund, please contact us at 989-275-3112 or by email at