Scott Layton Establishes New Scholarship Fund with RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation (RCCF) and fund initiator Scott Layton are pleased to announce that a new scholarship fund benefitting graduates of Roscommon High School has been established. The Layton International Scholarship will assist college students who will be studying outside of the U.S. with preference given to Asia.

Scott Layton, the son of Floyd and Judy Layton, grew up in Higgins Lake and is a 1997 graduate of Roscommon High School. He currently lives in Singapore and is IBM’s Director of Audit and Investigations for Asia Pacific, Greater China Group and Japan.  Layton feels strongly about studying abroad, “I remember how my life was changed on my first solo international trip when I was 19”, said Layton. “I’ve since never looked back, having done 4 semesters abroad while in university and having spent almost 8 years of my career now in Asia. The primary goal then of this is broadening Roscommon youth’s minds culturally and making them more citizens of the world.”

Eligible RHS graduates will be able to apply for the Layton International Scholarship beginning the next scholarship period. Our online application will be available in January of 2019.

Inspired? You can support the Layton International Scholarship by sending your donation to RCCF at P.O. Box 824, Roscommon, MI  48653 or visiting our website at to make a donation online.

Pictured L to R: Wife, Terra Layton and Fund Initiator, Scott Layton while visiting Cambodia