SVDP, Prudenville, Diaper Bank Gets TWO Grants

A lot of people in our community have heard poor babies crying in soiled and wet diapers and have responded.  “The Diaper Bank” got a lot of attention when it first formed because of the urgency and seriousness of the problem.  Local merchants took an interest and held diaper drives and made cash and “in kind” contributions.  Many citizens donated money and diapers as well.

Diaper Bank
Diaper Bank

“We wrote some grants and have received $1,000  from The Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund or the Roscommon County Community Foundation and $492 from The Roscommon County Tobacco Settlement Fund of the Roscommon County Community Foundation,” Mary Rom, president of the Client Services Conference, proudly announced.

“This will allow us to buy about 150 packages of diapers at $10 each.  There are about 30 to 40 diapers in a package depending on the size.  We assist about 150 local families that have about 100 babies in diapers.  The availability of these generous grants will allow us to help cover some of these babies’ bottoms for several months.  By then, we hope to impress this issue even deeper into the consciousness of other social, civic and philanthropic organizations.”

“Our initiatives have generated a lot of interest, and we got several suggestions about innovative ways that poor care givers use to cover babies’ bottoms.  Someone even wrote that we ought to be using cloth diapers.  Well, we did some research and found that most public laundromats, including those in motels and public housing, don’t allow it, and that operating washing machines and dryers, and the cost of soap, hot water, fabric softeners, etc. is more than disposable diapers.  Furthermore, they biodegrade in landfills rather quickly,” she concluded.

So the babies in our community will have some diapers for awhile, and hopefully there will be caregivers to change them when they cry.  But, when the grant money runs out, the need for diapers will still be there and so will the plea for more donations.  Meanwhile, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will continue to serve the needy citizens of our community in some way EVERYDAY.