Two Local Foundations Team Up

Two Local Foundations Team up to Support the Development of Greenbelts, Contributing to the Health & Protection of Higgins Lake

The Roscommon County Community Foundation, through grants awarded from the John Morley Family-Higgins Lake Endowment and the Endowment for Higgins Lake, has partnered with the Higgins Lake Foundation and are working together, actively supporting an ongoing effort to maintain the water quality of Higgins Lake. By providing education and support for residents who restore natural vegetation on their shoreline, these two local Foundations are protecting this wonderful lake and its’ natural resources.  Thanks to the cost share grants provided for greenbelts and a continued emphasis on awareness, the Higgins Lake shoreline is being restored to its natural beauty and being protected from the impact of increasing population.

The Greenbelt educational program was expanded last summer with the planting of two new greenbelt demonstration sights.  Located at the North State Park and the West Launch site they compliment the informative greenbelt kiosk that stands above them.

Higgins Lake continues to benefit from the increasing number of greenbelts that protect the lake from harmful chemicals.  Recognition of those who restore the shoreline to a natural state and those who maintain the shoreline in its natural state is evident with a yellow flag on the shoreline or on a flag pole.  The greenbelt program also offers support to those who remove sea walls at the shoreline.  Sea walls are detrimental to the natural cleansing process of a lake.

The Higgins Lake Foundation, along with Huron Pines, extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Roscommon County Community Foundation and their many generous donors, for their continued support of the restoration project.  A natural shoreline contributes to the health and protection of Higgins Lake.  For information about the greenbelt program contact the Higgins Lake Foundation, a partner with RCCF and Huron Pines.Higgins-girls-152