We Care Shop Receives Grant from RCCF

The Roscommon County Community Foundation is pleased to announce the We Care Shop was recently awarded a grant in the amount of $1,810.00. Funding for the project was provided by the Cornerstone Fund and the Roscommon County General Fund.

The grant provided the We Care Shop with funding for onsite storage and dumpster rental fees to aid in the removal of unusable items. The We Care Shop provides over 22,000 people per year with clothing and other household items at no cost. Executive Director and President of the We Care Shop John Sutter states, that the We Care Shop’s mission is simple “We strive to work with individuals and families to enhance their quality of life”. Since opening the We Care Shop over 23 years ago, they’ve opened a Food Pantry, Baby Pantry, and Personal Care Pantry in hopes to help fill the needs within the community.

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Pictured L to R: RCCF Executive Director Suzanne Luck and We Care Shop Executive Director/President John Sutter