Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is comprised of area students and are a vital part of our affiliate partner foundations with each member giving of their time, gifts and talents. YAC members are active in grant making, fund development and also contribute to the improvement of their communities through participation in various service projects.

How the Youth Advisory Council got its start in Michigan

In the 1990’s, community foundations in Michigan and their affiliate funds participated in a Kellogg Foundation Youth Challenge as part of the Michigan Community Foundations; Youth Project. They received more than $47.6 million to create 86 permanently endowed youth funds, matched by more than $100 million in gifts raised locally for unrestricted and field of interest funds.

As a condition of the challenge, each of those funds was to be overseen by a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) involving more than 1,500 young people as members of YACs throughout Michigan.

Roscommon County Community Foundation participated in the Kellogg Foundation Youth Challenge, launching its Youth Advisory Council in 1997, along with four other counties in the area. Since inception, the RCCF YAC has recommended about $152,756 in grants supporting youth projects and programs throughout our county.

The role of the YAC is:

To make grant recommendations based on local youth needs and priorities, using income from the Kellogg Youth Fund.

To advocate for “youth as resources” through community service projects.

Youth as Grant Makers in Roscommon County

The Roscommon County Kellogg Youth Fund, an Endowment Fund of the Roscommon County Community Foundation, with recommendations from the Youth Advisory Council (Y.A.C.), awarded the following grants in the Fall of 2019:

  • Houghton Lake Public Library: $600.00
  • Human Trafficking Community Group: $600.00
  • Crawford Roscommon Child Protection Council: $1,723.00
  • Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North: $1,200.00
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church: $1,020.00
  • Charlton Heston Academy: $1,000.00
  • River House, Inc.: $1,000.00

Youth Advisory Council Job Description

We are looking for 8th through 12th graders who have exhibited the potential to be leaders and who have an interest in representing the youth in their community. Listed below are some of the qualities a candidate should exhibit:

  • A commitment of one year of your time and attend regularly scheduled meetings
  • An ability to learn about youth needs and assets in your community
  • An ability to make decisions about granting funds to youth projects
  • Working with adults and showing adults that youth are a community resource
  • Involvement in community service
  • Openness to opportunities for personal growth – thinking about your role as a leader now and forever
  • Making a difference in your community

How can I get more info or apply for membership?

We are always looking for new members who have the time to participate on the Council! We meet once a month during the school year.

To join the Youth Advisory Council, you may fill out the downloadable application and return it to your school’s advisor. The school advisors are as follows:

  • Heather Bozzo, Charlton Heston Academy
  • Brenda St. Denis, Roscommon High School
  • Kelly Baker, Houghton Lake High School

If they are not available you may call the Roscommon County Community Foundation at (989)-275-3112 with your questions or fill out our contact form.